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Beauté Naturelle - Winter 20'21

This season will be different from others. We trade our glitter & glamour outfits for comfy clothes and this Christmas will be spent at home with our loved ones. Making memories by sitting together around the sparkling Christmas tree, spoiling each other with the cutest Christmas gifts and drinking (holy) wine & enjoying everyone’s favorite winter treats.

In our opinion, we should not let the Christmas glamour fade away completely. So, why not spice up our comfy outfits with some timeless, elegant & handmade jewellery? 

In the newest Winter Campaign we will show you the looks we have created with our newest handmade treasures. The collection is inspired by French winter romances, warm Holiday memories and fashion icons from now & then.

In the third collection you will find three color combinations in authentic & new models. These color combinations are perfect for every skin & hair type and easy to combine with every look.

We hope you will find the perfect treasures, for yourself or for your loved ones. Enjoy shopping.

Accent By Marlijne

Beauté Naturelle - Winter 20'21

The Classic Collection


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